About Us

Pickleball is awesome. Sometimes the design of Pickleball isn't. Some people love to adorn themselves in neon spandex and wear tournament shirts that have pickles holding paddles. Others don't. 

Goodside Pickleball aims to amplify the enjoyment of this growing sport by introducing extremely high quality and innovative products specific to the unique culture that is Pickleball. In other words, we want those that play this sport to play good as well as look good. Our goal is to bring products to you that enhance your pickleball lifestyle. And do it with a bit of an edge. Products that are a little devious, and a lot ingenious. 

To describe the Goodside revolution: Picture a motorboat showing up to a yacht rock party. Our products and style may not be for everyone. Our products amplify the culture that already is pickleball, and want to feed those that are addicted to it. At the same time, bringing a little edge to the world of neon. 

Apparel is just the tip of the ice berg for us. In coming months, we will introduce new, proprietary products that cover all aspects of Pickleball. Please sign up for our newsletter to be made aware of new product launches. In the meantime, join the revolution, and,   

Welcome to the goodside of pickleball.